“I had been suffering from hearing loss for years and was not willing to admit it. The alarm would go off on my watch and I would not hear it, but other people would and ask If I had heard it, ‘I would say hear what’? Finally my wife convinced me to have my hearing tested. I did, and was diagnosed with severe hearing loss in both ears. I still was not thrilled about wearing hearing aids. I felt like it would make me look like an old man at the age of 53. Then I got my hearing aids and oh my gosh! I was amazed at what I could hear! I didn’t care if they made me look old, and they don’t. I could hear birds and that annoying alarm on my watch too. I really like how my hearing aids have changed my life. I’m not always saying, ‘what’s that’ when someone asks me a question. My new hearing aids are hardly even noticeable and I love the blue tooth technology and many other features.

I also want to express how friendly everyone is at Humboldt Audiology. Rucinda and Emily are always so pleasant to talk to on the phone and in person. Dr. Ostermeier explained to me everything in detail about my hearing loss and how my new hearing aids would work for a better, safer and happier life. Matthew has been a great help too. He has gone above and beyond helping me deal with my insurance and seeing my needs are met.”



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